Borneo Kratom Pain Relief

A common misconception is that Borneo is a small, sparse island, when in actuality, it is quite the opposite, as it encompasses over 287,000 square miles of space, and a large portion of that is humid tropical jungle, and the kratom which grows here reflects these unique circumstances.

Because of the vast size of the island, it is home to differing climates and weather conditions, making its kratom strains fairly diverse compared to many other regions.

Kratom has been used medicinally in this area for thousands of years, but it has increased dramatically over the past decade due to increased demand from the west, increasing competition and leading many kratom farmers to extreme lengths to find the best leaf.

In fact, the vast majority of this island’s kratom is wildcrafted — still harvested directly from wild mature trees, which populate the area.

Although Borneo strains can vary depending on the region and type, they share many common characteristics tha

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